Greater Dallas Korean American Chamber Of Commerce

Hyun Kyum Kim, the 30th President of the Greater Dallas Korean American Chamber of Commerce (GDKACC)

The GDKACC started out in 1976 with the first president, Ahn Kyo-Sun, in order to increase the interest of Korean businessmen. All of the presidents since then have been working with the executive members for the same goal of increasing the rights and interests of Korean business and industry.

By providing leadership and assistance, we have been able to help the Korean society grow and develop. We are also proud that we have been a friend to businessmen, self-employed, and professionals as well.

Looking back at past times, I would like to promise a brighter future together. In the times of rapidly changing economic situation, the GDKACC will help DFW Korean traders by responding together as an organization, and leading the market with a business platform that is always one step ahead.

Thus, the GDKACC is planning to build an online shopping mall in the first half of this year as well as hold the first online Biz Expo in the region in November. Through this, we will not only lay the groundwork for Korean businesses to keep pace with the smart era, but also enhance the status of Korean Americans in the mainstream society.

With new leadership and 2nd generation executive team to lead the GDKACC, we hope to become and remain as a humble organization that is necessary and helpful to the Korean American community.

Thank you.

President Hyun Kyum Kim
May 2020

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The Greater Dallas Korean American Chamber of Commerce (GDKACC) is a business organization that represent the interest of more than 3,000 business of all sizes. Our members range from small businesses to major industry associations and large companies.