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▲ H.K. Kim, GDKACC president, is conversing with the Expo kick-off meeting attendees.

Greater Dallas Korean American Chamber of Commerce(GDKACC) will be hosting ‘2019 Dallas Smart Business Expo’ on Saturday, November 2nd at the Westin Galleria Dallas Hotel.


GDKACC held a kick-off meeting last Friday and invited organizations and businesses to offer description of the Expo.


Among the attendees at the Friday’s meeting were representatives from Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce, Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce, Richardson Chamber of Commerce, KOTRA Dallas, Carrollton City Council, AT&T, and Korean American Trade Association of Dallas.


Stella Park and Victoria Lee of GDKACC gave a presentation to the attendees and offered a glimpse of what the Expo will be like.


With ‘Smart Stores’ as its theme, the EXPO is designed to provide the local small businesses with an opportunity to transition their stores into ‘smart stores’ using 5G and other latest technologies that are available today.


“The purpose of the Expo is to offer opportunities of information exchange for small business companies in Dallas Fort Worth area, which has become a center place for small business, by inviting 25 promising companies from Korea and U.S. and providing exhibition booth to participating companies. The Expo will also include business consulting and business forum with global logistics companies and other various businesses operating locally.”


According to GDKACC, the Expo will be co-hosted by KOTRA Dallas (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency), Korean American Chamber of Commerce, USA, Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce, Greater Dallas Asian Chamber of Commerce, Metro Crest Chamber of Commerce, KOAM Chamber of Commerce, Consular Office of the Republic of Korea, and the Korean Society of Dallas.


“We’ve been preparing for this event since June of last year. As the preparation committee finalizes the details of the expo, I sincerely hope this event will be beneficial to the local small businesses and job seekers.” GDKACC president H.K. Kim said during his opening remarks.


Local businesses that want to participate in the Expo can submit inquiry to for more details.


Dallas Smart Business Expo 2019
Saturday, November 2, 2019
The Westin Galleria Dallas Hotel
10:00AM to 4:00PM


Part 1: Exhibition
10:00AM ~ 4:00PM Saturday, November 2, 2019
Participating companies (tentative)
▨ 5 global logistics and business service providers
▨ 6 Korean companies related with Smart Store and Unmanned Store – LG CNS, DataStreams, PlayLetter, CoreAttiz, Plus TV, Llugar & HSADC
▨ 5 Greater Dallas financial service companies (banks, real estate and loan services)
▨ 5 Greater Dallas legal and financial consulting companies (lawyers and CPA’s)
▨ 5 other small business support service providers (advertisement, web design, etc)


Part 2: Seminar
Global company invitation and seminar
11:30AM ~ 2:00PM during the Expo
▨ Speakers from global companies will give a keynote speech on global business trend for small businesses.


Part 3: Job Fair
▨ More details TBA.


The Greater Dallas Korean American Chamber of Commerce is a 501C (3) non-profit corporation. The Chamber was founded in 1971 and its mission is to serve its members by developing and promoting partnership among the City of Dallas, minority businesses, and other ethnic non-profit organizations along with public agencies and corporate entities.


2254 Royal Lane #200
Dallas, TX 75229







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