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▲ (from right) GDKACC President H.K. Kim, Board Member Victoria Lee, and Event Coordinator Daniel Shin.


2019 Smart Business Expo hosted by the Greater Dallas Korean American Chamber of Commerce (GDKACC) is poised to provide ‘real’ business opportunities for the local and South Korean participants.


GDKACC officers held a news conference Tuesday, October 22 and announced details of the Smart Business Expo, which is scheduled for Saturday, November 2 between 10:00AM and 4:00PM at The Westin Galleria Dallas Hotel.


In attendance at the news conference were President H.K. Kim, Ho Yul Yang, Daniel Shin, and Victoria Lee of GDKACC.


While the Expo marks the first time the GDKACC is hosting a major event of this magnitude, the Smart Business Expo promises to be nothing short of ‘business creating opportunity’ for the local and South Korean participants.


The Smart Business Expo is comprised of three parts – exhibition of local and South Korean businesses, Luncheon Seminar, and Job Fair.


The exhibition will have 25 booths. Participants from the local side include AT&T, T-Mobile, MetrPCS, Costco Business Center, Dallas Police Department, and other local businesses. Costco Business Center will introduce their new business focused delivery service. 


Also participating in the exhibition are South Korean companies. These are the small-to-midsize South Korean businesses that specialize in the latest technologies such as 5G, Body Cam, IoT (Internet of Things), digital kiosks and signage. According to Ho Yul Yang, about 10 South Korean companies will participate in the actual exhibition while 5 other South Korean companies will simply be observing the event, according to Ho Yul Yang.


“South Korean companies that are participating in this year’s Smart Business Expo have the latest and smartest technologies that are available today. In my opinion, these technologies are legitimate and viable solutions that will shape the future businesses everywhere. But the problem for them is penetrating the U.S. market and maintaining presence in the market. Most of these companies are small to mid-sized companies, which means that they need local partners to expand their businesses here in the U.S. That’s where the local entrepreneurs come in. They can witness all the latest and the brightest business technologies and see what fits their expertise the best. The Expo will also be a great chance for local businesses that are simply looking to cut costs by making their stores smarter” H.K. Kim said.


Luncheon Seminar is another part of the Smart Business Expo that visitors should not miss. Online registration is required for the seminar.


Xavier Williams, President for AT&T Government Solutions and National Business, will conduct panel discussion with Chief Renee Hall of Dallas Police Department. They will talk about how the latest technologies can be used to build a smarter cities, as well as smarter stores.


In addition to Xavier Williams and Chief Renee Hall, guest speakers from Samsung (Joe Hasenzahl) and AT&T (Phillip Coleman) will speak on such topics as 5G, Smart Stores, and Smart Cities.


Job fair, another part the Smart Business Expo, will feature some of the best known corporate employers such as AT&T, Verizon, Ernst & Young, and etc. 


4 North Texas colleges are part of the job fair as well. UT-Dallas, UT-Arlington, UNT, Texas A&M Commerce are partnering with GDKACC to help college students to take advantage of the opportunity in their job-hunting.


While applicants are allowed to submit their resumes on the day of the job fair, it is highly recommended to register online in advance for better results. 


For those individuals who are planning to casually stop by and observe event, online registration is also recommended.


For more information about the 2019 Smart Business Expo, send email to or check out GDKACC website ( or the Smart Business Expo website (



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