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2019 Carrollton Police/Fire Department Appreciation Luncheon and Scholarship Award was held Monday, June 10th at the Coyote Ridge Golf Club in Carrollton.


This event marks the 4th year in row, in which the Korean-American community of North Texas expressed their appreciation for Carrollton Police and Fire Department by holding luncheon and scholarship award ceremony.


6 children and one spouse of the Carrollton Police/Fire Department employees were selected and presented with $1,000 scholarship each.


Carrollton Mayor Kevin Falconer and Carrollton Fire Department Chief Gregg Salmi delivered welcoming remarks before the scholarship presentation.


“While our First Responders are often thanked, the sacrifice their families make tends to go unnoticed. The scholarships will help recognize and reward the families that share their loved ones for the safety of our community” said Mayor Falconer.


Fire Chief Salmi thanked the Korean-American community for the continued support for the past 4 years and explained how the scholarships help students achieve higher education, including such things as buying laptops and paying part of college tuition.

Carrollton Police Commander Mike Bishop delivered welcoming remarks in place of Police Chief Derick Miller, who couldn’t attend the event due to unexpected issues within the Police Department.


“On behalf of the Carrollton Police Department, I thank the Korean Society of Dallas and the Greater Dallas Korean American Chamber of Commerce for their generous support, not only of today’s scholarship recipients, but of law enforcement overall.” said Chief Miller through a written message.


Mayor Falconer presented Myung-Hui Park, the president of the Korean Society of Dallas, with the Carrollton city’s letter of appreciation. Fire Chief Salmi and Commander Bishop presented John Chong, co-owner of Carrollton Asian Town Center, with a letter of appreciation.


After the scholarship presentation, Caitlyn Knight and Carson Yarbrough delivered the recipient remarks.


Carrollton Police/Fire Department Appreciation Luncheon and Scholarship Award was hosted by Korean Society of Dallas, Greater Dallas Korean American Chamber of Commerce and National Unification Advisory Council Dallas Chapter.


Title sponsor for this year’s event was Carrollton Asian Town Center, where H Mart is located. Scholarship sponsors include H Mart, JK & JY Development LLC, SHC Land LLC, Korean Home Health Care, and Sam Moon.


The following are the 2019 scholarship recipients.
△ Caitlyn Knight(The Colony High School): Parent Jennifer Monroe, Police officer
△ Carson Yarbrough(Hebron High School): Parent Jolene DeVito, Police Information Manager
△ Chandler Janecek(Plano West High School): Parent Bill Janecek, Sergeant, Police Dept.
△ Kelli Cott: Husband Jeffrey Cott, City Marshal, Carrollton Marshal’s Office
△ Helen Peattie(Lake Dallas High School): Parent Jason R. Peattie, Detective, Carrollton Police
△ Rylan Bishop: Parent Mike Bishop, Commander Carrollton Police
△ Zachary Taylor: Parent Anthony Taylor, Sergeant, Carrollton Police



▲ Caitlyn Knight(left) and Carson Yarbrough(right) are delivering the recipient remarks



▲ 6 students and one spouse of Carrollton Police and Fire Department received scholarships.



▲ Fire Chief Greg Salmi(left) and Police Commander Mike Bishop(right) presented John Chong(center) with letter of appreciation for his continued support for the Carrollton first responders.



▲ Carrollton Mayor Kevin Falconer(right) is presenting letter of appreciation to Myung Hui Park, the president of Korean Society of Dallas.






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