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Greater Dallas Korean American Chamber of Commerce (GDKACC) held its 11th annual Dallas Police Department Appreciation Luncheon and Scholarship Award Tuesday, June 4th at the Omni Hotel Dallas – Park West.


GDKACC awarded five children of the Dallas Police Department, each with $1,000 scholarship. Scholarship recipients are the children of DPD officers and employees, who will be starting colleges this fall.


Among the attendees were Executive Assistant Chief of Police David Pughes, other high ranking officers, families of DPD personnel, and leaders from the Korean-American community of North Texas.


Jordan Childs delivered 2018 recipient remarks, encouraging the 2019 recipients to explore the new challenges that lie ahead.

GDKACC also awarded Wanda West(Sgt.), Robert Munoz(Sgt.), and Brian Martinez(Sr. Corporal) with ‘Community Excellence Award’ for their dedication to serving the community.


Title sponsors for this year’s event were Bank of Hope and Metro by T-Mobile.


In his welcoming remarks, president of GDKAAC Hyun Kyun Kim thanked former GDKAAC president Michael Lee for starting the DPD Appreciation Luncheon and Scholarship Award 11 years ago.


“I know this ceremony alone is not enough to repay the DPD members for their selfless hard work, but the Greater Dallas Korean American Chamber of Commerce wishes to express its sincerest gratitude by hosting this event” said Kim.


To date, 58 talented children of the Dallas Police Department have been awarded scholarships through this program.



▲ Hyun Kyum Kim, President of GDKACC, is delivering welcoming remarks at the 11th Annual DPD Appreciation Luncheon and Scholarship Award.



▲ (From left to right) Charles Park(Senior Advisor of GDKACC), Wanda West(Sgt.), Robert Munoz(Sgt.), Brian Martinez(Sr. Cpl.), Hyun Kyum Kim(President of GDKACC).



▲ Hyun Kyum Kim is presenting the 2019 Community Excellence Award to Brian Martinez.



▲ (From left to right) Suk Chan Yu(President, NUAC Dallas), Sung Lae Hong(Head Mission and Consular Officer of the Republic of Korea in Dallas), Sarah Ismail(daughter of Osama Ismail, Internal Affairs Division), Madison Moore(daughter of Kimberly Moore, Personnel), Niya Pennie(daughter of Demetrick Pennie, Property Room), Myunghee Park(President of Korean Society of Dallas), Alex Sekung(son of Houang Sekung, Love Field Unit), Julia Pughes(daughter of David Pughes, Executive Assistant Chief of Police) and Hyun Kyum Kim(President of GDKACC).



▲ Metro by T-Mobile’s Director of Sales and Distribution Ethan Stubbs(second from right) is posing with scholarship recipient.



▲ Ethan Stubbs(left) and Hyun Kyum Kim are presenting the scholarship award.



▲ Jordan Childs is delivering 2018 recipient reamrks.



▲ Metro by T-Mobile’s Director of Sales and Distribution Ethan Stubbs is delivering the Title Sponsor Remarks.



▲ More than 100 were in attendance at the 11th Annual DPD Appreciation Luncheon and Scholarship Award hosted by Greater Dallas Korean American Chamber of Commerce.

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