How I can be a PARTNER
with City of DALLAS

한인 소상공인을 위한 지원 정책 설명회

OCTOBER 26th 1~3PM

Dallas Public Library at J. Erik Jonsson

달라스 한인 상공회는 수년간 한인 소상공인들이 주정부나 시에서 받을수 있는 지원이나 혜택을 조사하고 연구해왔습니다.
두번째 결실로 달라스 시와 함께 새로운 비즈니스 길을 열어드리려 합니다.
참석하시어 많은 정보를 공유 하시길 바랍니다.

Greater Dallas Korean American Chamber of Commerce has been
researching and studying the support and benefits that Korean small
business owners can receive from the state or local government for several years.
Now, we aim to open up a new business path, starting with our
partnership with City of Dallas.
We hope you can attend and share a wealth of information.

Panel Discussion

Zarin D. Gracey

City of Dallas Councilmember District 3
댈러스 시의원 (제 3지구)

Angela Akins

Assistant Director

Joyce Williams

Director of Small Business

Certification Panelist
  • Jesse
  • Khary Bridgewater,Crowe-Beacon
  • Elliot Johnson, Crowe-Beacon

Member Service & New Member Inquiries

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