K-Brands Expo 2021 Set to return soon

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Expo website is already open a month in advance
33 participants from beauty, healthcare products, and food industry
Aiming for growth in the US market with superior technology and quality

“The online expo is different from the onsite expo and holds a lot of meaning to many people. The moment we received the prospect companies’ registration and finalized attending participants for the event is the moment the expo truly began. We have contacted future buyers in advance and shared Korean companies’ information to pave the way for matching each business partner.” Mr.Hyun K Kim, President of Greater Dallas Korean American Chamber of Commerce, announced the launching of the K-Brands Expo 2021 in a month’s advance and made a promise of success.
The Greater Dallas Korean Chamber of Commerce (GDKACC)  will host K-Brand Expo 2021 from July 26th to 30th, marking its third online event.
The overall theme of the expo this year is K-Brands. As K-pop, K-movie, and K-drama have been becoming a global phenomenon, K-beauty has been selected to be the focus of this year’s expo. Mr.Hyun K Kim stated that this event plans to introduce the Korean beauty industry, which is rapidly emerging in the American market, to the U.S. market to show its competitive advantage in quality and service.

The online booth will have a total of four categories

The online booth of K-Brands Expo 2021 will be divided into four categories.
 First, cosmetic professionals will showcase beauty treatment equipment and products mainly for professionals, such as dermatologists and skincare rooms, and not general consumers.
The second section will be about cosmetic retail. It will consist of companies that sell retail products such as facial masks, organic cosmetics, hair loss protection shampoo, and functional cosmetics for general consumers.
The third section is Life & Health, which allows you to meet fresh and high-quality lifestyle products. For example, products such as toothpaste that can be used without toothbrushes, functional underwear for men, and LED masks that help skin regeneration are a few of the products that have gained some attention from buyers.
The final section features K-food and other miscellaneous K-topics. In particular, amid growing awareness around the world that Korean food is a healthy food, foods such as vegetarian meals that can be easily heated up in a microwave, local specialties made with sweet persimmons, and kimchi, will be introduced through this expo as well.

Walgreens, K-Brands.us, CTK, and other buyers are planning to participate in this event

The reason why expectations for the expo are so high is thanks to many big U.S. companies that will be attending this event as potential buyers.
Walgreens, the second-largest pharmacy chain in the U.S., will participate as a major buyer and will hold business meetings with Korean companies. Walgreens, which operates more than 9,000 stores across the U.S., is a major seller of cosmetics other than medicines, so participating as the main buyer of the expo is a big opportunity for Korean companies to enter the U.S. market. Walgreens senior director Ms.Marcie Hoklas will also welcome the event at the opening on July 27 (Monday).
Various companies such as K-Brands.us, CTK, ECRM, CAROLINE PRATT, Carpenter Consulting, CDK ENTERPRISE INC, KENNY TRADING INC, and SK GROUP ENTERPRISE INC will participate as buyers to hold 1:1 business meetings with Korean companies.
It is also noteworthy to point out consulting firms such as Carpenter Consulting and ECRM plan to meet with Korean companies for consultation. “It is not easy for Korean cosmetics companies to make their brands and enter the U.S. market,” Mr.Hyun K Kim, President of GDKACC said. “We expect that consulting companies will have time to find various ways to penetrate the U.S. market, such as online markets or OEM-style exports.”

Seminar section: Providing all information that Korean cosmetics companies should know to enter the US market 9 seminars for 5 days ... and FDA comes up as a speaker

The highlight of the expo hosted by the Greater Dallas Korean Chamber of Commerce is the seminars.
About 40 live seminars were also held for five days at Smart Biz Expo 2020, which took place in November last year and received a great positive response. The seminar was organized as an online seminar, collecting what Korean companies must know to enter the U.S. market. For example, Ms. Kim Scarborough, who is in charge of the FDA’s Chemist Office of Cosmetics and Colors, will hold a seminar on the FDA certification process and hold a Q&A session at 7 p.m. on the 29th (Thursday), the fourth day of the expo. It is expected to be an opportunity to get various and practical information on FDA certification, which is the first gateway to Korea’s entry into the U.S. market. 
The K-Brands Expo 2021 seminar will be held online through webinars and will be organized under the theme of K-BIO, Sustainable Packaging, Planning and Strategies to Enter the USA Market, Meeting US Corporate Buyers Service Company, Imported Regulation of FDA, Fluorinated Compounds in North American Cosmetics.
Details of the seminar’s schedule, topics, and speakers are available on the Expo site’s Seminar page.

The collaboration from the Korean Chamber of Commerce in Santa Clara County, Orange County, Washington State & Dallas at the 2021 K-brands Expo to cover the North American Market

The biggest meaning of the K-Brands Expo 2021 is that it will hold an event in conjunction with three local Korean American Chambers that are actively engaged in activities in the United States. The expo will be hosted by the Santa Clara County Korean American Chamber of Commerce (SCCACC, President Mr.Ho Yeol Bang), the Korean American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County, (KACCOC, President Mr.Sean Roh), and the Korean American Chamber of Commerce Washington State (KACCWS, President Ms.Kay Jun).
Earlier in January, three commerce associations, Dallas, Santa Clara, and Orange County, signed a business agreement and are working together in various fields, including expos, seminars, education, and support for startup companies. Regarding such active cooperation with other regional commerce associations, while hosting the expo, Mr.Hyun K Kim explained, “Expo is not just an event held in one region.”

“Through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Greater Dallas Korean American Chamber of Commerce has already turned the Expo online last year, which has led to the expo’s experience of exceeding regional limits. Even though many things were limited due to the pandemic, the online expo was an opportunity to break down regional and temporal boundaries, and we could clearly see that it could serve as a bridgehead for home companies to dream of entering the U.S.” Together with Dallas, the three regional commerce associations can establish a network covering the central, western and northern U.S. and contact more buyers to help Korean companies enter the U.S. market.
Such efforts have led to the Expo Business Matching Services Committee to find potential buyers in the U.S. and chairman and executives of each commerce association meet weekly online with Korean participants to prepare for 1:1 business meetings.

Smart-bizexpo.com - Anyone can participate in the Expo free of charge

K-Brands Expo 2021 is open to anyone interested in Korea’s cosmetics industry and various Korean products for free. You can download webinars or links to participating companies’ online booths and various seminars by accessing the Expo’s official website. The Expo site will officially open on Saturday, July 10, and will be open to the public until the end of September. Then, all products on display at the Expo will be moved to the online permanent exhibition hall, which is run by GDKACOC, for potential U.S. buyers to see.

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